It’s Not What You Make but What you Keep!

Chart of the Week 3-27-13

With the recent market rally there has been a lot of talk about the sustainability of this run up.  It is important to always take a step back and keep things in perspective.  When building an investment strategy, by definition, you should always consider protection first and promotion of growth second.  As the risk appetite begins to increase keep the chart above in mind.  The markets will generate an intra-year drop on average of 14.7%.  This correction will happen in positive years and negative years but the big picture needs to be focused on keeping your strategy in check and avoiding speculation to get the best of you.  At the end of the year riding all the highs of the market will not mean a much if you give it all back.

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2 Responses to It’s Not What You Make but What you Keep!

  1. Eric says:

    Brad, this is a great piece! thank you

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