LSA Revisions – Trade Day!

Below is a list of all models that are scheduled to trade today……June 8th, 2015.  All revisions for these models have been posted and are ready to view.

*As a reminder, the Revision Explanation Presentation/Video will be posted later today.  We will be sending out another email notifying you when it is posted.  Once posted, it can be viewed via e-mail or on the LSA website.


A brief summary of the changes are below.  There will be a more detailed explanation to follow.

  • LSA Affected Models
  1. Private Client (Inclusive of NTF Models), Schwab NTF, Fidelity NTF, TDA NTF
  2. Private Client Traditional (Inclusive of NTF Models), Schwab NTF, Fidelity NTF, TDA NTF
  3. Private Client Tax Efficient (Inclusive of NTF Models)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call us at 866-581-5724.

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