Year End Portfolio Update

Year End Portfolio Update

December 18th, 2014

12-18-2014 3-11-05 PM

LSA has posted the year end portfolio update report.  Here were some of the high level thoughts:

As 2014 begins to wind down it is important to reflect and recap how portfolios did in 2014.  In large part 2014 was a story of two tales.   The first half of 2014 sent a shock through the fixed income markets as interest rates retreated to levels many experts believed would not have been seen again for years to come.  This initial positive to the fixed markets set the stage for a second half of the year that would not only bring volatility back to the markets but also attempt to lock in a fair value in a world without quantitative easing.  The equity markets started to realize the dislocation that has been building for the last two years as we finally saw the second half of 2014 generate divergence in returns among cap size.  To listen to the full video recap from 2014 and LSA’s high level outlook for 2015 visit the LSA website and login.  The video replay and presentation can be found under “Resources/Training/Portfolio Update.”  If you are not a member but would like to review the report e-mail us at .

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