TDA Revisions For ETF NTF

TDA REVISIONS for Updated List of

Non-Transaction Fee ETF’s

LSA has updated the TDA Non-Transaction Fee ETF’s.

As many of you know, TDA recently updated their list of available ETF’s on their NTF (non-transaction fee/no ticket charge) platform. After reviewing the new list, we unfortunately have to create all new model portfolios due to having only TWO of our former ETF’s being offered on their new list of available options.

The TDA ETF NTF model portfolio allocations are now posted to the LSA website. We will be posting the ETF Revisions for the other platforms starting Monday the 30th.

A revision video will be also be available on Monday discussing the recent changes.

*** A couple of things to remember when you are trading and updating your positions inside of these models based on being “Qualified” or “Non-Qualified” accounts.

If you are updating these in QUALIFIED accounts and intend to update your models to LSA solutions, please make sure to sell your current positions and buy into the new models ASAP to bring everything up to speed. *** TDA is providing a limited window of time to sell current NTF ETF’s that will no longer be available with NO ticket charge.

If you are updating in NON-QUALIFIED accounts, please make sure to use your own discretion with getting the models updated. REMEMBER that when you liquidate, you will create a taxable event and will be required to take the gains in 2016.

We are hopeful that this should allow for a fairly easy transition toward the new available options that TDA is providing. As you get further into this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist!

Kind regards,

Your LSA Portfolio Analytics Team

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