October 2021 Revision Announcement

As 2021 begins to wind down, the committee will be implementing model updates to some of the mutual fund and ETF models.  These changes will only impact the solutions listed at this time.  As bonds continue to struggle and inflation fears grow, the committee believes the updates will help with posturing of the models as the final quarter of the year plays out. Due to the recent weakness in fixed income, we will be making some changes in an effort to help models find good risk adjusted upside. Below you will find a breakdown of the upcoming changes:

The Week of October 11th:

Posted Monday, October 11th – Private Client Traditional and Private Client – targeted trade date – Monday, October 18th.

Posted Tuesday, October 12th – Private Client Blended and ETF – targeted trade date – Tuesday, October 19h.

Posted Wednesday, October 13th – ETF Tactical – targeted trade date – Wednesday, October 20th.

*The mutual fund model revisions will impact the NTF models as well.

*As a reminder, the Revision Explanation Presentation/Video will be posted in the “Portfolio News,” section on each of the platform home pages.

*These are the only changes that we will be addressing at this time.

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