LSA November 2020 Rebalance Announcement

LSA is recommending a rebalance to several of our Mutual Fund and ETF models at this time. When we experience volatility in the market place, and with the uncertainty of the elections in the coming week, it is a good time to rebalance models back to their original allocations and to ensure targeted risk controls are reset.  There are a couple of funds and ETFs that we are currently monitoring due to performance but the IPC does not believe it constitutes replacements in the models at this time. The IPC would expect to see more potential fund/allocation revisions early next year following the results of the election as we begin to posture the models for opportunities moving forward.

LSA will be rebalancing the following portfolios:

Posted Today Tuesday, October 27th: 

PC Bear Market Entry
PC Cautious Bear Plus
ETF Tactical
Private Client
Private Client Blended
Private Client Traditional
PC Tax Efficient
PC Income Strat
PC Income Focused

Targeted Rebalance Date – Monday November 2nd. 

LSA will be providing additional investment rationale and video tutorials (CLICK HERE) to further explain the upcoming rebalance today. Stay tuned for additional language to support the updates to the models.  

The LSA team will be working through a full revision schedule for the VA models and the remaining MF and ETF models that were not updated in June. As we learn more in the following week, post-election, we are looking to realign these models to start posturing the portfolios for 2021. The schedule and announcement of these updates will be available after the election.

***Important announcement for the ETF models – as we started discussing with LSA advisors at the end of last year we will be transitioning all the NTF ETF models for Fidelity, Schwab, and TDA to the open model series. Now that the major custodial platforms have moved to a full non-transaction platform for ETFs the need to run additional models for restricted platforms is no longer needed. These NTF ETF models will be consolidated at the end of 2020.
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