LSA June 2019 Rebalance

LSA is recommending a rebalance to a number of our Mutual Fund models at this time.  When we experience volatility in the market place it can be a good time to rebalance models back to their original allocations.  The mutual fund models have done really well, given all the recent volatility, and it is time to reset the risk level of these models by conducting a full re balance back to original allocations.  There are a couple of funds that we are watching due to performance, but the IPC does not believe it constitutes replacements in the models at this time.  The IPC would expect to see more potential fund/allocation shifts later in the year as we continue to prepare for a growing probability of recession, but at this time we continue to remain cautiously optimistic with four of our seven recession indicators in positive territory.

LSA will be rebalancing the following portfolios:

Posted Today Tuesday, June 18th:

  • American Funds
  • DFA
  • DFA Blended
  • Fidelity
  • PC Bear Market Entry
  • PC Cautious Bear Plus
  • PC Income Strategy
  • Private Client
  • PC Traditional
  • PC Blended
  • PC L100k
  • Socially Responsible
  • Vanguard
  • Vanguard Tax Efficient

 Targeted Rebalance Date – Tuesday June 25th.

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