New Portfolio Models Launched June 8

LSA is excited to announce that we have introduced the following new strategies to our platform:

New Aggressive Growth Strategy… has been added to all the platforms that we have available.  There were a handful of advisors that were requesting a true all-equity aggressive growth strategy which is now available online.  To accommodate a 7th strategy we also had to revise our risk tolerance questionnaire which has been updated and now shows all seven strategies.  The risk tolerance scoring has changed slightly, but only on the growth side of the score.  The new revision does not mean you will need to rescore all your current clients unless they are a more growth oriented investor scoring in the Growth – Growth Plus range.

Seven New ETF Strategies...  We are sticking with the two tactical strategies, Tactical Allocator and Income First, but we have also added seven ETF strategies that fit the standard spectrum of portfolio offerings LSA provides on a typical platform. These range from a Capital Preservation Plus ETF strategy to an Aggressive Growth ETF strategy.

New Private Client Models… In addition, we have enhanced our Private Client offering.  We now offer Tax Efficient Private Client portfolios as well as a Private Client mutual fund strategy geared towards income.

The new portfolios are posted under the Portfolios/ETF and Private Client sections.  If you have trouble finding the new models or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (866) 581-5724 or e-mail us at .

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